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Women's Group Healing
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Tonight, I went to a local group for people (women?) involved in the health and fitness industry.  It was an amazing experience.  The people there were incredible.  The conversation stimulated both my brain and my heart.  Fascinating stuff!


Plus, it happened that this evening was a taster for experiencing Healing Touch and Reiki.  I haven't ever tried either of those modalities, so it was quite interesting.


With both treatment styles I felt the energy moving around, especially with the healing touch.  And both Bobbie and Kate had lovely, spiritual approaches to their tableside manner.  They both had us lie on a massage type table on our backs in a candlelit room, as they worked wth our energy.  The whole process was very relaxing.


This, of course, doesn't sound like Energetics at all.  When I am doing Energetics for myself, I do it wherever I am (if I can move into a room without a boisterous toddler that's a big plus!) and when I'm working with anyone else, I try to do it in a place where we won't be interrupted.  Naturally, if the issue is a private one, we find a place where we feel safe and comfortable talking, but candles are totally optional.


Also Energetics is rarely relaxing!  You'll notice in the videos that I get loud and I move around quite a bit.  I choose funny, or emotionally laden phrasing to charge people's energy.  In fact, unless you are using Energetics specifically to relax or put yourself to sleep, you are likely to find that you are energized and ready to take on the world when you are through each treatment.  That's part of what makes it fun!


Anyway, the learning and meeting and chatting and eating (did I mention the AMAZING raw desserts?) was great fun and I'll be sure to go back.




PS I had the opportunity to help a woman who had a headache that was a 9 out of 10 (ouch!) get rid of it while we were there.  It took about 10 minutes and when we got back to the party she was feeling much more festive!

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