Happy to Go! Bowel Trouble Healing

I recently taught a young fellow (pre-teen) Energetics as we worked on his trouble with defecating.   For the last ten years, he hasn't been able to have a bowel movement without the use of suppositories more than once a month.  (For every 1 day he can go on his own, he has 29 days that he needs help.) 


We worked together twice, a week apart, for 45 minutes and his mother tells me that he was able to have a bowel movement on his own once or twice a day several days running.


I was so excited to get this news, that I danced my own young son around the room.  Its an interesting experience, because I feel for everyone involved.  I remember having my own bowel troubles heal, I can understand the joy and hopefullness of a mother whose child is suddenly doing much better and I can enjoy knowing that I helped make a difference in his health and their lives.


I really, really love my life!


Its such a joy to know that Energetics can really make huge positive changes in people's lives and getting reminders/evidence of that feels overwhelmingly good!

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