How Can I Become More Consistent With Energetics?

How can I change my habits to become more consistent and follow through with things that are important to me?


If you are having problems with being consistent, doing the things you know are good for you or want to do, or you start things, but don't see them through to completion, you are definitely not alone!  I think getting excited at the beginning of something new and then dropping off the wagon, is very human.  Its not always the best way to be though! 


You can certainly use Energetics to help change your thoughts and habits.  I would use a tuning phrase something like, "Although I am always starting things and not finishing them and I don't like to do the same thing twice, and I get bored with new routines before they are even routines, and I'm completely inconsistent, I still love myself exactly the way I am and I am open to becoming consistent and developing a new habit of completion." 


I know that no one is "completely inconsistent", but making the statement bigger and bolder than real life can be helpful for changing internal patterns.  If you have specific memories of times you haven't followed through with something, you could mentiion them in the tuning phrase too, especially if you have a strong feeling about them (guilt or feeling stupid or that you've let someone down).


Then do the flush and the install using the phrases you used in the tuning phrase.


The third video in the series is on procrastination and you may find that helpful as well.  Lack of follow through and procrastination often go hand in hand.


Congratulations on following through and reading the entire post!


Be Well.





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