PTSD Healing: An 8 Year Failure & An Overnight Success.

When I was living everyday with PTSD, I was afraid all the time.  Some days my anxiety was a low background noise and some days it was so loud that I didn't hear anything else, but it was always there.


I went through conventional therapy (saw a psychologist) for over a year and a half until I "stabilized" and we were no longer making any progress.  I was told that I would have to "live with it" and our primary goal was to develop "coping mechanisms". 


Then I spent years alternating trying other kinds of help, various kinds of counselling, whatever I could find and then getting too depressed and discouraged to bother trying.  This process wasn't helped by the fact that I fell through the cracks of most places missions (I did a little counselling at the Haven House, for example, but their mandate is to help women who have been in abusive relationships, not people who were held up at gunpoint).


Then I lucked into a therapist who taught me the beginnings of what has since become Energetics.  In 6 weeks (9 hours) I was no longer afraid of leaving my house.  I no longer had nightmares or flashbacks or strange fears.  My depression that had been coming and going, left, and hasn't returned in nearly a decade.


I started a new life and started helping other people feel safe and healthy again. 


Now I've launched this website to reach out to more people and I've started reading the PTSD support groups on Facebook and it all comes back to me.  How stressed, scared and miserable I was; how I felt that no one could help me and felt guilty for putting my friends through the agony of having to watch me like this and not being able to help (Of course, their support helped, but I knew that they felt helpless).


I want to reach out to all the hurting people and tell them that I have a technique that will probably help.  That its worth a shot, even if they are tired of getting their hopes up. 


This is your chance to get well again.  I can barely remember what PTSD felt like.  Can you imagine that?


in Love,




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PPS If you or someone you love is suffering from PTSD right now, please consider having a personal consultation with me.  I'd be happy to help.  No one should have to live like that.

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