Can I Benefit From Energetics Without Being Consistent?

You don't have to be consistent to reap the benefits.  A new video is sent every two weeks.  You can use it everyday or just once.  Its up to you. 


Of course, if you don't use the videos at all, nothing will change.  But only working on things once every couple of weeks is perfectly fine. 


Sometimes even one session will fix a long term problem.  In the first video, which is on physical pain, Audrey has all of her back pain disappear in about half an hour.  This was a problem that had been going on for some time and she'd been to a doctor and a physio therapist already.  3 weeks later when we spoke again, she said that the pain was still completely gone. 


I can't tell whether that will be the case for you, but it is certainly possible!


Be Well!



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