My Doctor Says This Pain Is Real / Won't Go Away

I'm completely free of my symptoms of both PTSD and IBS and have been for years.  Doctors and other experts told me that these were things I would have to put up with for the rest of my life and that I'd need to develop "coping mechanisms" rather than expect to get well.  They were wrong! 


Doctors (surgeons, physiotherapists, phychologists) are just people, like you and me, and they don't know everything.  That's why there are "spontaneous remissions".  That's code for "Huh, he got better.  Weird."


When you are working on your  pain, I would recommend throwing in some phrases that say that you are okay with being pain-free even though the doctor tells you that you have to put up with it for now or that its "part of the healing process".  Something like:  "Although I have this stupid, annoying plate in my shoulder and the doctor says its just going to hurt until its removed and doctors are always right, they know everything and I hate being in pain and I'm in constant pain, I love myself exactly the way I am and I choose to let the pain go anyway."

I hope that this helps and you are pain-free in a jiffy!

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