Personal Energetics Consultations

Do You Have a Specific Change You Want to See Right Now?

Help with Anxiety, Pain, PTSD, Quitting and Changing Habits
To Create Change: Two Heads Are Better Than One!

Energetics works! 


But I can't possibly develop videos for every problem out there.  You can certainly use the video series to learn and apply Energetics yourself to any problem that you have, but if you want faster results or you'd feel more comfortable working with a professional one on one, I am happy to work with you. 


My areas of expertise are eliminating physical pain, PTSD and other trauma fallout, illness, depression, anxiety, fear, developing feelings of worthiness, and changing and developing new habits.


You may email me or phone me.

We will discuss your need and goal and set up an initial appointment.

Sessions will be held over the phone, in person, or through Skype Video and it will take between 15 minutes and an hour to use Energetics to create your change.  Homework may be assigned and further appointments booked, if necessary.


Sessions are completely confidential.


This is an opportunity to take control of your own "stuff", whether its stuff that you need to let go of or let grow.


It's Your Life.  Make It A Good One!


Krista Whaley

Energetics Educator



Energetics a Tool to Change your Life for the Better

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