Lasting Change With Energetics

What is Energetics?

We are all energy; create lasting change for life with Energetics, a sister to EFT (tapping)


Energetics is a way of removing negative thoughts (I don’t deserve anything good, why do these things always happen to me?), habits (smoking, self-sabotage, over- eating) and physical sensations (pain, weakness, shortness of breath) and replacing them with positive thoughts (I am safe, strong and healthy) habits (regular exercise, reading) and physical sensations (strong, healthy body). It is a system of physical, emotional, and mental healing and change that combines Eastern Medicine’s traditions of energy systems throughout the body and Western Psychology’s theory of the subconscious mind.

Energetics can be broken down into three stages:
We acknowledge and clear any subconscious thoughts that may block us from change, through the tuning phrase. We access and heal the body’s energy system during the flush and we enhance positive outcomes during the install.
Energetics is a blend of many different healing methods including EFT (tapping), Seemorg Matrix, Counseling Skills and Intuition.  Once you've learned it you can create your own healing, change and self-acceptance. 


What Does Energetics Do?
Energetics can relieve you of things that you want to live without. It has been used to eliminate pain, to erase the symptoms of disease and to chase away worries, fears and other stuck emotions.
Energetics can also be used to install positive beliefs and to co-create the positive future you envision.

How Does Energetics Work?
When something happens to interrupt the normal flow of energy within our bodies, it can cause pain, illness and emotions we “can’t get over”.  Our bodies’ energy flow can be interrupted by any emotional, physical or mental injury or trauma. Energy flow can be “blocked” or “reversed”.

Energetics restores the body’s natural energy flow. The Energetics formula fixes both reversed energy and blocked energy within our systems. Over time, as our energy systems become healthier, Energetics will repair our systems more efficiently and in less time.


Energetics a Tool to Change your Life for the Better

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